Hi there!

Welcome to my website, a place where I share my views and opinions on topics ranging from the latest happenings in the aerospace industry to geopolitics and some personal anecdotes.

Who am I?

First free flight of the S1

A post-graduate aerospace engineer from TU Delft. I am a passionate engineer who loves to solve challenging problems. Armed with a healthy obsession to make things fly. I have helped design, build and test an all-electric airplane with a team of amazing engineers at Silverwing and won an EU-sponsored competition to provide landing solutions to delivery drones. At present, I am working with one of the world’s most important semiconductor equipment manufacturers to help manufacture the next generation of lithography machines.

What else do I do?

Stand-up comedy show in Amsterdam!

When I am not thinking about engineering and technology, I like to travel around and make people around me laugh. Picking up on the latter I have been an active member of comedy scenes, organizing and performing on several standup shows to date.

Organizations I have worked with:

Want to get in touch?

I am always on the lookout for fun people, challenging opportunities, and learn more about new technology. Got something you might want to share? Please feel to drop me a message.